Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Seventy-Four

Sept. 1974: Mom & Me with my third birthday sundae at Farrell's Ice Cream in El Con Mall in Tucson...
Grandma Lyn, Willy, Mom, Me, Aunt Marti, and Grandpa Bill on or around my third birthday.
This is more like 1973--me, mom, and Willy
This is a newspaper clipping from the scrapbook my mom kept for me from birth to age 5 (most of these pix come from the scrapbook--that's why they are funny-shaped). This is probably summer 1973 in Pima...Pima is just up the road from my Dad's home town of Thatcher, home of Eastern Arizona College where we took swimming lessons (click to enlarge).


cmhl said...

your mom is beautiful!!

Happy Gilmores said...

Safford rocks over Thatcher and Pima. Actually my G-ma was born in Thatcher, so I like Thatcher too. My gg-pa and gg-ma are buried in Thatcher too. Their old wood cabin is still standing. But we would always visit in the summer... so HOT. I was always glad when we went up to Mt. Graham and feel the nice cool mountain air. Good memories. And hey- I loved Ferrels! Did you ever get the volcano? My parents never would pay for it, but I always wanted it. My favorite was the hot tin roof or hot fudge nutty nutty- hot fudge sundae with spanish nuts on top. Still my favorite type of sundae.

Jamie said...

HG: Oh, yeah, right Safford rocks--like they're not a the same town now! When I was a little girl, I though to myself that Safford was the town part, Thatcher was the houses and schools, and Pima was the farms.

CMHL: Yep--my mom is still gorgeous! Too bad i didn't inherit more of that! ;)